Jesus Is Alive

Pinned and scorned on the cross,Sun greatly shadowed to darkness,Earth moved and trembled at its loss,The Temple’s curtain torn in grimness.Three days He slept on the tomb,His friends strickened with grief.His disciples scattered in gloom.They all mourned in quiet disbelief!After three days, Mary Magdalene came,In the darkness of the morning that day,To look for theContinue reading “Jesus Is Alive”

You Were In The Tomb

Jesus, you were in the tomb for me.You suffered, bled, and died.Pierced, shamed, and crucified.You died and day turned to night.Jesus, you were in the tomb for me.You gave your life so I might live.In my sins your heart was grieved.Yet forgiveness you freely give.Jesus, you were in the tomb for me.So that I couldContinue reading “You Were In The Tomb”

Blood Poured Out

Celebrate God’s deliverance. What is so significant in Maundy Thursday is the commemoration of the Last Supper by Jesus and His disciples. The Last Supper made by Jesus and His disciples was a celebration of the Passover Festival which is one of the most important festivals of the Jews to commemorate how God “passed over”Continue reading “Blood Poured Out”

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