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Both the Oil and the Lamp

The best way to be ready is by preparing for the worst. In a disaster risk readiness strategy, this is always the case. Whatever the disaster is, there is a definite procedure to follow in preparation before the impending disaster, during the disaster, and after the disaster. In schools, every classroom is usually equipped withContinue reading “Both the Oil and the Lamp”

Gaining Treasure

How great life would be if we find a valuable treasure. Or, so we thought. How many people spend money in the lottery hoping for the big win? How many people go to hunt for a treasure in hope of finding gold? How many people work to get rich? Wealth can save us from lackContinue reading “Gaining Treasure”

The One Who Hears and Understands

A good tree bears good fruit. Matthew 7:17 tells us exactly this. “Every good tree bears good fruit”. But when a tree is not healthy and it does not bear good fruits or it bears few fruits, we almost always blame it on the kind of soil where the tree is planted. The soil isContinue reading “The One Who Hears and Understands”