Blood Poured Out

Celebrate God’s deliverance. What is so significant in Maundy Thursday is the commemoration of the Last Supper by Jesus and His disciples. The Last Supper made by Jesus and His disciples was a celebration of the Passover Festival which is one of the most important festivals of the Jews to commemorate how God “passed over”Continue reading “Blood Poured Out”

Gift of Friendship

A wonderful surprise from a friend and colleague. Just the other night when the rain was pattering on the roof and I felt the cold wind rushing through our open windows, I had a lovely surpise that brought warmth to my heart. I could not remember when someone made a poem for me. But thisContinue reading “Gift of Friendship”

Declared Guiltless

I have once believed that to die and enter heaven someday, I need to do good. I have to be good in this life so that in my life after death I can meet God. Over the years, this is what I was led to believe by people around me. I grew up trying toContinue reading “Declared Guiltless”

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