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Wisdom in Silence

The tongue is a fire.It burns and spreads,Like a cage of wire,And poisons’ dreads.The tongue is untamed,By man’s sinful heart.Who then is unstained?It is a piercing dart.Blessed is the man,Who keeps still the tongue.Words spoken to none,No person he stung.Oh wise is the man,Who refrains from speaking.Ill words he can’t,Utter without regretting. And the tongueContinue reading “Wisdom in Silence”

We Have Nothing to Boast

My thoughts My heart They are not hidden from you, Lord.You know Every desire Every motive The high And the low.Your knowledge It reaches Deep within My soul In truth.My own Wisdom Falls short It is Futile.My vast Knowledge Is worthlessIt is Nothing.It is you, Lord Who is Truly wise Over all.Help me Not toContinue reading “We Have Nothing to Boast”

Wisdom from Above

Desire for wisdom that comes from God. Some people equate wisdom as a vast knowledge of lofty things or things too difficult to comprehend by ordinary people. It may encompass that but it is beyond the vast knowledge of different matters. The Bible describes wisdom perfectly, clearly, and so beautifully that it astounds me toContinue reading “Wisdom from Above”