Steadfast Heart

What is your cave experience? Psalms 57 is the cave experience of David. He hid in the cave because King Saul was pursuing him. David had to run away and hide or else he will be killed by the king he was dutifully and loyally serving. We can have cave moments too. The time ofContinue reading “Steadfast Heart”

When I am Afraid

When I am afraidI feel uncertainI search for youI’m not in vain.Fear surrounds like the dark nightBut in your presence I can hide.When I am afraidI feel the weightBut I trust in youI keep my faith.Fear stalks like a thief at nightBut Lord, You never left my side. Why do we fear? Why do menContinue reading “When I am Afraid”

God’s Sustaining Power

I woke up this morning thirsty for the Word of God, His truth, and comfort. As I was having my prayer time, I blurted out, “Lord, help us in our greatest need at this point in time.” And, as always faithful, always gracious, always loving, and ever-present God is, He gave me comfort when IContinue reading “God’s Sustaining Power”

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