My Shepherd

The LORD is my Shepherd.Take confidence my soul.Be at peace my spirit.Let my heart rejoice.Let my mind exults.My Shepherd leads me.He leads me by the hand.He brings me to still waters.He satisfies my longing.He satisfies my needs.No need is too great.No trouble is too big.At the Shepherd’s staff,I am comforted. I am helped.He embraces meContinue reading “My Shepherd”

Earnest Seeking

How personal is God to you? To be personal one must be able to relate to another person directly. It speaks of a sense of being fully known in the very nature or characteristic of a person. When we relate with others personally we know or learn their thoughts and heart. We establish a goodContinue reading “Earnest Seeking”

The Narrow Way

We all want the easy and wider road. Anything that is easy does not need hard work, does not need too much effort, and does not take time to complete. The wider the road, the easier the traffic, the lesser the hassles. A beautiful life as many of us would most likely perceive it. NoContinue reading “The Narrow Way”

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