A Day With God

Dwelling in God is more than just church attendance. It is consciously living in the will of God and being aware of God’s presence in our everyday affairs. It is also not about us following God and being righteous, but it is about God giving us second chances and renewing our life according to HisContinue reading “A Day With God”

From the Womb

There may be things or events in our life that we tend to question. We could not completely understand how God works or how things unfold according to His loving will. We have a limited picture of God’s plan so we find it difficult to fully comprehend. If we just take some moments to pauseContinue reading “From the Womb”

In a Dry Weary Land

We might sometimes think that dry seasons in life are nothing but heavy and weary burden we carry. We don’t ever want to return to those dry times. But this verse in Psalms 63 gave me another insight as to why desert places are allowed by God in our life. I have experienced feeling thirsty,Continue reading “In a Dry Weary Land”

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