Awake or Asleep

Sleeping and waking up are God’s graces. We may become too confident of our capabilities and achievements but there are many things that could keep our feet on the ground and which remind us that we are never self-sufficient. Take for instance, our sleeping and waking up. Every day we are in a cycle ofContinue reading “Awake or Asleep”

God Fights for You

God delivers you from troubles and from your enemies. For God’s children, there is always hope in the midst of troubles. Even when enemy surrounds, hope does not fade away. King David did not lose hope when he was fleeing from his rebellious son Absalom. He prayed to God for he knew that God wasContinue reading “God Fights for You”

Yes, I am Surrounded!

It depends upon where you are looking at. When you look at the problem around you, you will feel overwhelmed by it all. When you look at God, you will feel hopeful. When your eyes focus on the problem, you will feel surrounded by the problem but when you turn your eyes to the LORD,Continue reading “Yes, I am Surrounded!”

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