Steadfast, Immovable, and Abounding in the Lord’s Work

Jesus is our hope. We have such great hope in the Lord Jesus Christ. His resurrection from death gives us unshakeable hope of the future glory and life we shall have with God. Not only hope of eternal life but also hope in this very life in the flesh. Hope of healing, restoration, peace, andContinue reading “Steadfast, Immovable, and Abounding in the Lord’s Work”

Freewill Offering

What do you offer to God? Offerings are not uncommon to Israel in the Old Testament times. Even in non-Biblical practices, different cultures have different practices of offering as a form of worship or sacrifice. In Biblical worship, offering is a natural part of expressing praise and thankfulness to God. It also expresses the kindContinue reading “Freewill Offering”

Tell it to God

Let not anything cause you to be anxious. Fear and worry are normal feelings. They are valid when certain difficult situations arise. But, we are not to dwell on them. We are not to co-exist with fear and worry in our life. So much of that are already being created and passed around us inContinue reading “Tell it to God”

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