Sufficiency in God

God does not fall short. God does not run out. He is perfectly sufficient and independent of all other things that He is able to supply whatever we need when that need aligns with His loving will for us. A shepherd tends the sheep. He cares. He protects. He defends. He feeds. He gives themContinue reading “Sufficiency in God”


God is a restorer. He is a master in making things new. He could renew the inner being, the soul and spirit, of the person. He could refresh the weakening mental, emotional, and physical life of anyone who comes to Him in trust and surrender. For God to restore us, we need to come toContinue reading “Restored”

The Lord is my Strength

We need strength from day to day. The sure and unfailing strength comes from the LORD. Whatever challenges we face that pull us down will not prevail because when God is our strength, He makes our feet like that of the deer, able to move up the hill and sure-footed. We don’t easily slip down.Continue reading “The Lord is my Strength”

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