The Narrow Way

We all want the easy and wider road. Anything that is easy does not need hard work, does not need too much effort, and does not take time to complete. The wider the road, the easier the traffic, the lesser the hassles. A beautiful life as many of us would most likely perceive it. NoContinue reading “The Narrow Way”

He Could Have Added More

God’s will to bless us is never a question. It is the will of God to bless His people. It is His will to bless His creations richly. Nothing else could perfectly illustrates this than the awesome redemption plan that God made for us. Even when we were still sinners, Christ died for us (RomansContinue reading “He Could Have Added More”

Seeking God’s Face

God has always been drawing us near to Him. He constantly and consistently makes a way for sinners to meet Him and experience His grace. He draws us near to meet Him in a personal way. Not by sight, as others would like it to be, but by faith as God likes it to be.Continue reading “Seeking God’s Face”

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