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Of Heaven

I know where I am from I am born for eternity’s landI have a home I’ve never yet seen Yet it is true, not just a dream.I wait for it with hope Enduring trials in the flesh. While trusting Jesus my Lord His Word I ponder and firmly hold.The home in which the Bible speaksContinue reading “Of Heaven”

Follow the Truth

The world is a crossroad of truths and choices. It tries to strongly convince people that truth is subjective and relative. It brings philosophy to a more personal level by tolerating what is true to one person even if it is not moral or godly as long as it brings pleasure and happiness. The worldContinue reading “Follow the Truth”

A COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson

There is no permanency in this world. Even the comfort and the success we aspire and gain are not permanent. Our life ends so are the delights of this world. True, life is short. The COVID-19 pandemic lets us meet death face to face. It highlights the fact, “As for man, his days are likeContinue reading “A COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson”