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Steadfast Faith

The greatest test of faith is seen during the hard times. In the difficult times when the situation is too hard to handle, you start entertaining the idea of quitting and settling for the easy way out. I remember many of those times in the past. When I was in college, I majored in PhysicsContinue reading “Steadfast Faith”

Accepting Correction

Any discipline can be unpleasant. Do you still remember the time when your father disciplined you for something you did that displeased him? There were several times, right? You may have been grounded for a time from going out with friends. Or for some weeks, you are not allowed to use the internet. The listContinue reading “Accepting Correction”

Run to Win

Reality Check: How are you in your walk with God today? Coasting? Strolling? Sprinting? Running? Racing? There should be a pretty good picture at what stage of your race you are now in the Christian life. To be able to have an objective and honest evaluation of how we are doing with our faith isContinue reading “Run to Win”