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God is a restorer. He is a master in making things new. He could renew the inner being, the soul and spirit, of the person. He could refresh the weakening mental, emotional, and physical life of anyone who comes to Him in trust and surrender. For God to restore us, we need to come toContinue reading “Restored”

Antidote to Burnout

The pandemic increased work-related stress in many employees. I was browsing through LinkedIn yesterday and one member there made a poll asking what particular aspect in their work during pandemic have they found to be challenging or difficult. The answer to the poll pulled heavily towards the increase in time devoted to work. I tooContinue reading “Antidote to Burnout”


You give life to my waste placesThe river of life flooding love so pure.You make whole all the broken pieces.The mender of heart, healed and cured. You watered my dessert places.The streams that refreshed me to life.You satisfied my great thirsty urges.The giver of life drowning every strife. You leveled my mountains and valleys.The SovereignContinue reading “Restored”