A Prayer

We pray for peace to rule the land,Hear, O Lord, the cries of man,Their fears and their despair,Distress they could not bear,Let your mercy flow to them,Let your peace reign to mend,Let each one receive your grace,Your blessing in the coming days.We pray for your hand of salvation,Hear, O Lord, and save the nation,From greatContinue reading “A Prayer”

Silence is the Voice of the Heart

Silence is the loudest voice of the heart. It just sees. It ponders. It feels. The realization is down, down deeper. It knows the truth by conviction. Sometimes saddened. Sometimes joyful. But it always courses every channel. Every way imaginable. So it hopes. Silence have echoes of stillness. Never underestimate it. Never suppress it. NeverContinue reading “Silence is the Voice of the Heart”

A Prayer of Thanks for God’s Steadfast Love

Thank You Father for letting me experience Your grace. Thank You for renewed strength everyday. Thank You because even when sometimes I do not understand everything, You enable me to trust in You and to keep on obeying You; to be still in times of hurt, difficulty, confusion, unfairness, lack, and insufficiency, because I knowContinue reading “A Prayer of Thanks for God’s Steadfast Love”

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