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Lacking Nothing of any Good Thing

Good things are blessings from God. The word good may be subjective. People can have different views about what is a good thing and what is not based on the values, culture, and belief. Sometimes, what we deem as good in this world is not in truth good because it runs contrary to what theContinue reading “Lacking Nothing of any Good Thing”

Standing on Level Ground

I do not need to fear,When troubles come,For I know you’re near,You hold me in your hand.I do not need to worry,When I hear bad news,For you keep me steady,My faith I won’t lose.I do not need to feel down,When high mountains rise,You give me level ground,Make me sure-footed and wise. God makes us sure-footedContinue reading “Standing on Level Ground”

Tell it to God

Let not anything cause you to be anxious. Fear and worry are normal feelings. They are valid when certain difficult situations arise. But, we are not to dwell on them. We are not to co-exist with fear and worry in our life. So much of that are already being created and passed around us inContinue reading “Tell it to God”