The Heart Speaks

If you were in the time of Jesus, would you follow Jesus? If, for instance, you were there walking with the crowd, listening to Jesus speak, and watching Him heal the sick and raise the dead, would you follow Jesus? Then, on the other side, you hear the Pharisees throw accusations to Jesus for violatingContinue reading “The Heart Speaks”

The One Who Hears and Understands

A good tree bears good fruit. Matthew 7:17 tells us exactly this. “Every good tree bears good fruit”. But when a tree is not healthy and it does not bear good fruits or it bears few fruits, we almost always blame it on the kind of soil where the tree is planted. The soil isContinue reading “The One Who Hears and Understands”

Where is His Honor?

Weight comes with value. Just like how weight of a gold determines its purity and value, so it is with how we perceive and give weight to another person. Moral values such as solid integrity, honesty, dependability, and every good works stemming from love are characteristics that can put weight to a person’s value. TheyContinue reading “Where is His Honor?”

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