Heart at Peace

Life indeed is much more than food. The idea is not mine originally. Jesus says this in Matthew 6:25 about why we should not worry regarding our food and clothing. We are concerned with our basic needs to the point that they become our driving force as to why we need to work and whyContinue reading “Heart at Peace”

Fruit of the Spirit

Lord, I say I walk with You,Let it be real in all I do.Give me love, joy and peace,Deep within, all of these!Lord, I say I believe in You,Let me obey you in all I do.Help me to be patient and kind,To be good, your light I shine.Lord, I say I trust in You,Let meContinue reading “Fruit of the Spirit”

Life For God

Clean and unclean. This opposite can be read in the Bible. When God calls us to follow Him, and we made the decision to follow Him, we are asked to live a clean life. This is the cost of following God. We need to transform ourselves from unclean to clean. The moment we follow GodContinue reading “Life For God”

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