God’s Look of Favor

Living by faith is all about trusting God. It is easy for most of us to live by faith in God when we could see clearly how God planned out things for us. It is comfortable for us to walk in faith when we see and understand the circumstances. Walking in faith is a joyfulContinue reading “God’s Look of Favor”

Godly Deviant

Carrying the cross is at a cost. When we decide to choose God, we choose to deny ourselves and the world. This the responsibility that goes with the freedom we have in Jesus. There are sacrifices to be made. While grace of God is completely free, we don’t receive it and then just go onContinue reading “Godly Deviant”

More Than Yes

Promises are not meant to be broken. Because of so many promises broken, people think or believe that “promises are meant to be broken”. If we are Christians, followers of Jesus, we should not believe this. We follow a faithful God who never breaks His promises. Jesus is faithful to all that He says inContinue reading “More Than Yes”

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