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The World’s Hate

Following Christ means to be hated by the world. Yet, even with the hate of the ungodly, believers enjoy peace, security, and blessings from the world. It isn’t pure suffering to be hated by the world because when God is with us, we have His grace. We become more than conquerors through Him who lovedContinue reading “The World’s Hate”

Belonging to Christ

Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection is power for a believer. We no longer fight sin by our own ability, intelligence, and effort but we fight sin by the help of God Holy Spirit in us. Christ’s death and resurrection has such real and transforming power that all those who put their faith in Him can beContinue reading “Belonging to Christ”

Obedience is Better than an Offering

Not sacrifice of a lamb,Not an offering of a ram,But obedience to the Lamb,Jesus Christ, God’s Son.Not an offering of any kind,Not a gift of gold or wine,But obedience so divine,To our God, the only One.Not the best or the choicest,Not wealth or many riches,But obedience that blesses,God’s name with praises.Not offerings of lies,Not giftsContinue reading “Obedience is Better than an Offering”