Owe No One Except Love

We owe love to one another. We are indebted to one another. We have the obligation to love one another. We are to love not only those who are good to us but even our enemies. We owe love to our enemies. This is definitely one of the hardest things to do. To love othersContinue reading “Owe No One Except Love”

Sheeps and Goats

Obedience to God demarcates the differences. Two believers may profess the same belief in God and may, in all appearances, be the same in all respects. But one believes in God and obeys God in all he does while the other believes in God but downplays obedience to God. There is a huge difference betweenContinue reading “Sheeps and Goats”

Loving the Unpopular

It is not easy to be unpopular. We may experience being unpopular when we differ from the majority. Maybe we have different manner, different opinion, different view, different principle, different skill, or different economic and social status. Sometimes, a person can become unpopular when one shows exemplary skill or personality. The “green-eyed” people in theContinue reading “Loving the Unpopular”

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