God is my Lamp

We seek the light. Both literally and metaphorically, we seek light because we could not find comfort, security, and clarity in darkness. Literally, man looked for ways and means to start a fire and invent electricity and the bulb. Metaphorically, we always seek to rise above the darkness of our life. May it be aContinue reading “God is my Lamp”

Knowing God

The more we obey God, the more we know Him. Obeying God unlocks God’s blessings in our life and one of the wonderful blessings we gain by obeying God is growing in the fullness of knowledge of God. We could not understand the ways of God and learn to comprehend His great love, grace, andContinue reading “Knowing God”

Earnest Seeking

How personal is God to you? To be personal one must be able to relate to another person directly. It speaks of a sense of being fully known in the very nature or characteristic of a person. When we relate with others personally we know or learn their thoughts and heart. We establish a goodContinue reading “Earnest Seeking”

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