God is a restorer. He is a master in making things new. He could renew the inner being, the soul and spirit, of the person. He could refresh the weakening mental, emotional, and physical life of anyone who comes to Him in trust and surrender. For God to restore us, we need to come toContinue reading “Restored”

Tenderheartedness and Forgiveness

A loving heart is tenderhearted. Who is so Spirit-filled and not tenderhearted? Who walks with God and not tenderhearted? Anyone whose life is deeply rooted in God has a loving heart. And the heart that loves is always tenderhearted. A tender heart is marked by compassion and sympathy. It is not being weak and gullible.Continue reading “Tenderheartedness and Forgiveness”

What Is Life?

Just recently, my colleagues and I had an interesting conversation about death. We were thinking about our friend with a terminal disease and we were contemplating on how difficult and painful it must be for her. However, we all realized that knowing when our death will come could be one of the life-changing moments inContinue reading “What Is Life?”

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