Have They Heard?

Your faith is meant to be shared. Faith is not just a belief on a created being you call God or you call “the man up there” or others even call him G. It is a deep conviction and committed obedience in the God whose name is Jesus. This faith you have in Jesus isContinue reading “Have They Heard?”

Water and Fire and God’s Sovereignty

Nature and its forces are God’s great helpers. And, perhaps, sometimes they do a better job of displaying God’s glory than man does. To think that man is after God’s own image. I have always marveled at how God can use His creations to declare and demonstrate how powerful and great He is. God usesContinue reading “Water and Fire and God’s Sovereignty”

What is Life?

What is life?That we toil and struggleFor things we worry and bother.But not for things that matter.What is life?We aspire for higher dreams.Greater plans and whims.But forget life’s not just to win.What is life?In the peak of youth and strength.To do things at great length.But life’s isn’t meaningfully spent.What is life?With fame and power atContinue reading “What is Life?”

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