Perfect Love

Jesus Christ died on the cross because He chose to. He chose to obey the will of the Father to take our place on that cross and to take our sin, our shame, and our guilt and place it upon Himself. Only Jesus Christ could do that because He was the Savior prophesied in theContinue reading “Perfect Love”

My Redeemer

What difficulty are you facing today? Some difficulties are briefly passing but there are some that seem to last forever. None of us are strangers to difficulties. We experience them and face them from day to day. Some are minor and solutions are within reach. But there are difficulties that come our way which testContinue reading “My Redeemer”

God is my Lamp

We seek the light. Both literally and metaphorically, we seek light because we could not find comfort, security, and clarity in darkness. Literally, man looked for ways and means to start a fire and invent electricity and the bulb. Metaphorically, we always seek to rise above the darkness of our life. May it be aContinue reading “God is my Lamp”

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