Continual Sacrifice of Praise

Continue your love and obedience to God to the new year. Increase it. Deepen it. New year has come and 2021 is already past but all things in 2021 were under the sovereign control of our mighty God. He brings to pass all things according to His great will and perfect love. This 2022 marksContinue reading “Continual Sacrifice of Praise”

Stop Looking Around

This is a reblog of my blog post dated June 22, 2021 Troubles are natural part of life. Who does not have to deal with troubles of life? From birth to death, life can present many situations where we experience fear, worry, and confusion.  Just this week, our family had to go through the ordealContinue reading “Stop Looking Around”

Follow the Truth

This is a reblog of my post on March 20, 2021 The world is a crossroad of truths and choices. It tries to strongly convince people that truth is subjective and relative. It brings philosophy to a more personal level by tolerating what is true to one person even if it is not moral orContinue reading “Follow the Truth”

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