Loving the Unpopular

It is not easy to be unpopular. We may experience being unpopular when we differ from the majority. Maybe we have different manner, different opinion, different view, different principle, different skill, or different economic and social status. Sometimes, a person can become unpopular when one shows exemplary skill or personality. The “green-eyed” people in theContinue reading “Loving the Unpopular”

Bold and Unashamed

Guilt brings shame. All of us, probably, are acquainted with guilt. When I was a little girl and I wanted to buy some candies, I stealthily reached into the side pocket of my Papang’s (Papang means Papa or Dad in Filipino or Chabacano language) pants to get small coins. When successful, I would buy aContinue reading “Bold and Unashamed”

More Than Yes

Promises are not meant to be broken. Because of so many promises broken, people think or believe that “promises are meant to be broken”. If we are Christians, followers of Jesus, we should not believe this. We follow a faithful God who never breaks His promises. Jesus is faithful to all that He says inContinue reading “More Than Yes”

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