Stay Awake

Surprise! There are people who love surpises. There are also people who are not comfortable with surprises. For both accounts, the element of surprise, the unknown, and the suspense of it are the reasons why some people love it while others do not prefer it. There are different types of surprises. There are pleasant onesContinue reading “Stay Awake”

From Pit to Prison to Palace

It was a blessing to be in church and listen to God’s message. I want to share important insights I gleaned from the sermon. God allows difficulties to train us for righteousness. A Christian life is not a bed of roses and it does not ensure an easy life all the time. God does notContinue reading “From Pit to Prison to Palace”

Do You Belong?

It takes knowledge and understanding for someone to listen and follow. As the common proverb says, “knowledge is power”. Knowing something makes a lot of difference. It widens the perspective. It leads to understanding. When people reach the point of understanding, it is easier for them to follow the vision or any undertaking being fostered.Continue reading “Do You Belong?”

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