Choose Today

No other day is as important as today. In light of what we can do, what we can change, and what we choose, today is the best time of all. Yesterdays were all gone and past and tomorrows are not yet here. It is today that we are face to face with. It is todayContinue reading “Choose Today”

Fearing God from Generation to Generation

Children are excellent imitators of adults. Children learn by imitation. What adults do and say and how adults speak and act are easily picked up by children. They could exactly copy them. Children mirror the ways of adults around them. They have excellent wit and aptitude to clone actions of others. I am often surprisedContinue reading “Fearing God from Generation to Generation”

Diligent Obedience

Obedience is hard work. Whether we obey parents or our boss, it entails hard work. It is hard work because in order to obey we need to pay attention to instructions. When we miss something in the instruction, our obedience is in danger of disobedience. Careful attention to detail, retention of instruction, and mindful actionContinue reading “Diligent Obedience”

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