Rid Me of Myself

God wants us to put on a new nature. We may be used to hearing people say that we are to be who we are and there is nothing wrong by being ourselves. There is something wrong. Ever since sin came into the world, the world became wrong. Our thinking became wrong. Our motivation becameContinue reading “Rid Me of Myself”

Let God Come In

What would you do when God knocks at your door? God, in fact, has been knocking at the door of our heart to let Him into our life so He could give us abundant life. It has always been the plan of God to let us experience an abundant life, but when we fail toContinue reading “Let God Come In”

Have I Done Enough?

Thinking about Jesus compels us to ponder deeply of how we spend our life. Have I done what I needed to do in God’s kingdom? Have I done enough for my Savior Jesus Christ? Have I done my best in serving God. A favorite hymn quickly comes to mind while reflecting on these questions. HaveContinue reading “Have I Done Enough?”

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