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WIN of Life

How has year 2020 been to you? It has been unimaginable for many of us. Who would have thought year 2020 will bring us so many hurdles and life-threatening situation? It felt like we have been trying our best to win survival and thriving through COVID-19 and the problems that come with it. Year 2020Continue reading “WIN of Life”

Live Life for God

The sound of the clock tells me one thing,Time flies and soon there is nothing,So live your life like it is your everything,Because you won’t want to spend it wishing! 🌸 Spend it with meaning, sincerity, and love,Never waste your time but be sure to grabThe essence of life — that is the gift ofContinue reading “Live Life for God”

A COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson

There is no permanency in this world. Even the comfort and the success we aspire and gain are not permanent. Our life ends so are the delights of this world. True, life is short. The COVID-19 pandemic lets us meet death face to face. It highlights the fact, “As for man, his days are likeContinue reading “A COVID-19 Pandemic Lesson”