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When We Know His Name

If I will be given the chance to choose again, I would still choose Jesus and live as a Christian. But, if time could be turned back, I’ll do it better the second time around. Well, my journey as a Christian isn’t really a saintly one. There were many times, too many to count inContinue reading “When We Know His Name”

Knowing God

The more we obey God, the more we know Him. Obeying God unlocks God’s blessings in our life and one of the wonderful blessings we gain by obeying God is growing in the fullness of knowledge of God. We could not understand the ways of God and learn to comprehend His great love, grace, andContinue reading “Knowing God”

Do You Belong?

It takes knowledge and understanding for someone to listen and follow. As the common proverb says, “knowledge is power”. Knowing something makes a lot of difference. It widens the perspective. It leads to understanding. When people reach the point of understanding, it is easier for them to follow the vision or any undertaking being fostered.Continue reading “Do You Belong?”