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My Heart’s Cry

The moment we call God our Father, we have passed on from the old life to the new life. It is one of the wondrous blessings we receive when Jesus becomes our Lord and Savior. We become children of God. Being children of God is belonging to God as a child belongs to a father.Continue reading “My Heart’s Cry”

Remembering God

Tonight, January 11, is one of the scariest nights in our City. Unlike two months ago when the heavy rains brought flash floods, this time Zamboanga City also experienced the chilling strong force of the winds as if ripping our roofs apart and sending my heartbeats with triple somersaults over and over again. We wereContinue reading “Remembering God”

New Life, New Person

It is easy to fall into the trap of practicing righteousness for a show. This is the sin of the Pharisees in the time of Jesus. They practiced good deeds to be seen by men. It includes the act of circumcision which was required by the law that Jews should practice. They even wanted theContinue reading “New Life, New Person”