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My Hiding Place

The safest place we can ever be is in God. It is in God that we could be assured of true security, joy, peace, and life. We always have someone who we consider “the shoulder to cry on”. For me, it is God. The Lord is my shoulder to cry on. He is my closetContinue reading “My Hiding Place”

Faith, Love, and Hope

We are to be expectant of Jesus Christ’s second coming. Christians not only knew this. Christians are mindful of this. Christians are looking forward to this. Christians prepare for this. The future is unknown, but one thing sure is Christ’s return. It should not come as a surprise to Christians. Thus we need to fixContinue reading “Faith, Love, and Hope”

He Brought Me Up

I was worthlessDeeply sunk in sinYou saved me, LordWashed me clean.I was greatly lostLiving in the darkYou redeemed me, LordGave me a new heart.I was in a horrible pitStuck in the miry clayYou brought me up, LordSaved me when I pray.I was crushedNo hope to claimYou held me, LordCleansed me from all shame.I was downContinue reading “He Brought Me Up”