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Water and Fire and God’s Sovereignty

Nature and its forces are God’s great helpers. And, perhaps, sometimes they do a better job of displaying God’s glory than man does. To think that man is after God’s own image. I have always marveled at how God can use His creations to declare and demonstrate how powerful and great He is. God usesContinue reading “Water and Fire and God’s Sovereignty”

Steadfast Faith

The greatest test of faith is seen during the hard times. In the difficult times when the situation is too hard to handle, you start entertaining the idea of quitting and settling for the easy way out. I remember many of those times in the past. When I was in college, I majored in PhysicsContinue reading “Steadfast Faith”

Find Retreat in God

The world needs peace and safety. Peace and safety are conditions that are too valuable for anyone to have in this age where restlessness and uncertainties are common. Adding to the burden is the present complications brought by COVID-19. Where is the safest place? Apparently, in the present situation, the home is the best placeContinue reading “Find Retreat in God”