He Sends His Army

God works in ways we cannot see. We just cannot comprehend God’s ways. It is unfathomable even to the smartest of man. It is because of our limited understanding that we tend to doubt if God is for us in the difficult times we face. Because we could not sense His mighty hand at workContinue reading “He Sends His Army”

From Pit to Prison to Palace

It was a blessing to be in church and listen to God’s message. I want to share important insights I gleaned from the sermon. God allows difficulties to train us for righteousness. A Christian life is not a bed of roses and it does not ensure an easy life all the time. God does notContinue reading “From Pit to Prison to Palace”

Water and Fire and God’s Sovereignty

Nature and its forces are God’s great helpers. And, perhaps, sometimes they do a better job of displaying God’s glory than man does. To think that man is after God’s own image. I have always marveled at how God can use His creations to declare and demonstrate how powerful and great He is. God usesContinue reading “Water and Fire and God’s Sovereignty”

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