Steadfast Faith

The greatest test of faith is seen during the hard times. In the difficult times when the situation is too hard to handle, you start entertaining the idea of quitting and settling for the easy way out. I remember many of those times in the past. When I was in college, I majored in PhysicsContinue reading “Steadfast Faith”

Shield of Faith

Rarely do my heart awash in fear.For I know that You, my Lord,Never leaves me, never forsakes me.This is the truth I know completely. 🌼 Fear of death does not trouble me.For I know that You, my Lord,Tightly holds my future and my soul .This is the truth that makes me whole. 🌼 Anxiety doContinue reading “Shield of Faith”

You Are Not Alone

When the tide of life pulls you in and down, you may feel like drowning. Bright and cheerful on the outside with a smile to cover up the hurt inside you. But deep within you feel alone, hurt, and hopeless. Many people are walking around with this kind of mask to cover the wound. Perhaps,Continue reading “You Are Not Alone”

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