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Held by God

Jesus Christ is our Shepherd. He cares for us, protects us, and defends us. Like sheeps who are in danger of wolves, we are in danger of the attacks of Satan which steal our joy and our peace. Jesus Christ gives us security. We are assured of His constant presence. He never leaves us norContinue reading “Held by God”

Of Much More Value

God values us. God’s love is so true and pure that He treats each one of us with great value. Imagine how great it is that the King of kings and Lord of lords values each one of us. All our thoughts and needs are filtered through His perfect wisdom and love and He seesContinue reading “Of Much More Value”

My Shepherd

The LORD is my Shepherd.Take confidence my soul.Be at peace my spirit.Let my heart rejoice.Let my mind exults.My Shepherd leads me.He leads me by the hand.He brings me to still waters.He satisfies my longing.He satisfies my needs.No need is too great.No trouble is too big.At the Shepherd’s staff,I am comforted. I am helped.He embraces meContinue reading “My Shepherd”