Worthy of the Invitation

It is an honor to be invited to a special occasion. Of course, not all people think of it as an honor, but almost always, the idea of being invited to a special occasion means that the person who gave the invitation thought it worthy to invite friends. Not all friends can be invited. Usually,Continue reading “Worthy of the Invitation”

Life Here and to Eternity

Physical death does not extinguish life. Oftentimes, we think that once we die, life has ended. Yes, only the physical life in the flesh. The flesh is not immortal. The flesh has an expiration date. All of us, rich and poor, will face physical death one day. The flesh will one day cease to liveContinue reading “Life Here and to Eternity”

Share with Love

Sharing the gospel is sharing Christ. We are assailed with different messages about the Bible and sometimes there are messages that seemingly preach about God but they leave an awkward feeling that somehow they were not so. There are fake gospels out there. They are fake gospels because they use Christ but they do notContinue reading “Share with Love”

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