God’s Look of Favor

Living by faith is all about trusting God. It is easy for most of us to live by faith in God when we could see clearly how God planned out things for us. It is comfortable for us to walk in faith when we see and understand the circumstances. Walking in faith is a joyfulContinue reading “God’s Look of Favor”

On Being an Encourager

We have God-given will, strength, and determination to endure stress to the body. It is inherent of us. We can face difficulties and troubles with resilience and tenacity. We may differ in how we cope and how long we are able to endure, but all of us have the capacity to sustain strength and hopeContinue reading “On Being an Encourager”

Be Careful

Be sober, awake, and discerning. Believers are to be meek and loving but also wise and vigilant. In this world full of diverse knowledge and rapid spread of information aided by internet and social media, there is more need to be wise and cautious in the information we take in. We should be vigilant, alwaysContinue reading “Be Careful”

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