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Shield of Faith

Rarely do my heart awash in fear.For I know that You, my Lord,Never leaves me, never forsakes me.This is the truth I know completely. 🌼 Fear of death does not trouble me.For I know that You, my Lord,Tightly holds my future and my soul .This is the truth that makes me whole. 🌼 Anxiety doContinue reading “Shield of Faith”

God’s Harm is Goodness

God allows adversities, pain, and suffering. When we are disappointed, frustrated, rejected, or simply when we failed, we tend to question why a loving God allows us to go through the difficulties? He is mighty, wise, all-knowing, faithful, and loving! But why can He stand looking at us suffering? These are real questions from rawContinue reading “God’s Harm is Goodness”

Living for God’s Applause

God is the only audience you really need to impress. I was once caught up with pleasing people and trying to portray a good image all the time. Guess what? It never really do good. It does not give lasting happiness. Much more real peace in life. But when I started pleasing the only audienceContinue reading “Living for God’s Applause”