The Shot of Faith

Have you ever encountered a problem too huge for you to handle? One which seems like a looming giant that could easily trample you under his foot. One that turns your world upside down. One that seems impossible to overcome. If you have, you are not alone. David, when he was still a shepherd boy,Continue reading “The Shot of Faith”

Confident of God’s Protection

Who can keep you safe and secure? There is so much danger happening around the world. The greatest fear of many right now is being infected by COVID-19. The danger it poses can take one’s life like a thief in the night. Like the COVID-19 virus there are many other dangers around us which we couldContinue reading “Confident of God’s Protection”

He Sends His Army

God works in ways we cannot see. We just cannot comprehend God’s ways. It is unfathomable even to the smartest of man. It is because of our limited understanding that we tend to doubt if God is for us in the difficult times we face. Because we could not sense His mighty hand at workContinue reading “He Sends His Army”

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