God Sees Faith

God deals in the heart level. Imagine preparing for a party or a special occasion. We shop for the best dress and shoes. We have to look our best. How we look can break or make an impression. Outward apperances matter greatly to man. People can be easily impressed by the outward show of beauty,Continue reading “God Sees Faith”

Life in the Son (A Poem)

He came to set the captives freeGive peace, life, and liberty.He came to give us victory,And abundant life for eternity.He came to save you and me,Died on the cross shamefully.He came with grace so bountifully,Showed love to all humanity.He came and was born poorly,No fame, beauty or majesty.He came and angels sang adoringly,And shepherds worshippedContinue reading “Life in the Son (A Poem)”

Great is the Father’s Love

God’s great love is demonstrated when we were made His children. It is common belief and common thing to hear that we are children of God. But has it sunk in to you how great and amazing that is? Has it ever caused you to feel honored and privileged? When God made you His childContinue reading “Great is the Father’s Love”

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