You give life to my waste placesThe river of life flooding love so pure.You make whole all the broken pieces.The mender of heart, healed and cured. You watered my dessert places.The streams that refreshed me to life.You satisfied my great thirsty urges.The giver of life drowning every strife. You leveled my mountains and valleys.The SovereignContinue reading “Restored”

Keep the Hope

The mindplays tricksIt sometimesblindsand sometimesfindsnothing goodnothing clicks.Linesand all shapesclimbsto heightsto confusion.Dizzy thoughtsin disarrayIt clashesshineslike silversharp spear.Chimeslike a bella warning.Signsto restto pray.Dimesof thoughtsof feelings.Vinesof lifeof peace.Timesto trustand hope.

Muchas Gracias!

My heart is full of gratefulness to be able to reach this. I may not be a very good writer but I thank you all and the WordPress community for the support and for your precious time. Above all, I praise God my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, for His grace and hand on myContinue reading “Muchas Gracias!”

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