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They Don’t Count

It’s Jesus and the gospel. Have you met a person who cares deeply about sharing the gospel? All that the person thinks about and talks about is Jesus and His saving grace. I believe that such a person would be quite unpopular simply because many people are not attracted to the gospel. No matter theContinue reading “They Don’t Count”

Faith, Love, and Hope

We are to be expectant of Jesus Christ’s second coming. Christians not only knew this. Christians are mindful of this. Christians are looking forward to this. Christians prepare for this. The future is unknown, but one thing sure is Christ’s return. It should not come as a surprise to Christians. Thus we need to fixContinue reading “Faith, Love, and Hope”

Remain in God

I thought I can stand alone In the middle of life I call my own But soon I learned that I can’t Storms of life push me to bend.I thought I’m fine on my own Thinking that I can go on With the way I want to liveBut soon I learned, it’s God I need.IContinue reading “Remain in God”