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Your Every Need

We have a lot of needs. Every day we are confronted with different kinds of needs in every aspect of our life. They come in different forms and sizes. How do we respond to the needs that life throws at us? We could either count our troubles or count our blessings. I am familiar withContinue reading “Your Every Need”

Keep It Secret

Good deeds are best to keep as secrets. God’s reward shall be seen and experienced when the good deeds are done in secret. There is great significance in keeping our good deeds secret. First, keeping them secret helps us avoid falling into the trap of pride, self-righteousness, and self-centeredness. Our heart is deceitful. Sometimes weContinue reading “Keep It Secret”

Who Will You Obey?

The world has a different rule Even what it deems good Isn’t good after allWhen it tries to cover the truth.For the truth is God’s Word Sometimes, they don’t like it Even when they knew or heard They just don’t care a bit.Be careful to believe The world lies in coated sweetness Test all, testContinue reading “Who Will You Obey?”