Don’t Run After Riches

We should live with understanding. We can only have true understanding of life when we get wisdom from God. God allows us to see things beyond the material, temporal, and beyond appearances because He gives us discernment and wisdom through His Word.

Many times I would marvel at how the Word of God, the Bible, is so accurate, timely, and in sync with everything it says and with what is happening in the world. I got the same pondering when I sat down to read Psalms 49 this morning. The whole passage just struck me through and through that I wanted to post the whole chapter here. God’s Word is always a source of rich wisdom and great knowledge. When we dig and read it well it enriches us and leads us to the path of righteousness.

“Every word of God is flawless. He is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”

– Proverbs 30:5 (WEB)

Never run after riches of this life. It is clear that the primary concern of God for His people is not to be wealthy or rich in this life. If God blesses us with material prosperity and makes us rich these are still for the purpose of serving others and to glorify His name. It is never meant for selfish consumption or purposes. God’s primary concern for His children is to live their lives in obedience to His will that His righteousness may shine forth in their lives.

It is an eye-opener for many because we are taught to seek after a “good life” at home and in schools. A good life, in the sense, that we become financially stable or prosperous in our chosen careers and we have the material prosperity we have always dreamed of. These are not evil things to aspire for but they are not the primary purpose in our life. When we live for God, our life is God’s, and through Him alone we could find sufficiency, peace, confidence, security, and abundant life that are far beyond what the world offers.

From Psalms 149, I gleaned important life principles.

  1. Wealth can never sustain life. No money could buy life, extend life, or ransom a life. It can never sustain a life. Even wealthy people die young, and we could see impoverished people live at a ripe age. It is God alone who holds our life and who sustains our life.
  2. Both the rich and the poor end in the grave. We all die. None of us are exempted from death. Some take great confidence in their riches because they think that their wealth is there for all their future generations and that lands are named after them. This kind of thinking has no understanding. A man with understanding sees the hand of God behind all things and his confidence is not in riches and wealth but in God. All of these material riches will be left behind when they die. They cannot be carried away with them in their death.
  3. People who take confidence in wealth or riches are fools. They are fools because they do not acknowledge God as Lord of their possessions. They see riches as their ultimate goal and drive. Wealth becomes their only purpose for how they work, move, and live. They are fools because they forget that behind all these things is the mighty God who blessed them. They are fools because they thought that riches and the honor they received from men because of their riches give them ultimate security. They are fools because they trusted their wealth more than God.
  4. Choose understanding more than riches. The Bible says that when man has riches but he has no understanding, he is like an animal that perishes. His end is not of glory though man praises him and honors him because of his great wealth. His end shall be death and eternal suffering because He did not choose God when he was alive and prosperous.

1Hear this, all you peoples. Listen, all you inhabitants of the world, 2 both low and high, rich and poor together. 3 My mouth will speak words of wisdom. My heart will utter understanding. 4 I will incline my ear to a proverb. I will solve my riddle on the harp. 5 Why should I fear in the days of evil, when iniquity at my heels surrounds me? 6 Those who trust in their wealth, and boast in the multitude of their riches— 7 none of them can by any means redeem his brother, nor give God a ransom for him. 8 For the redemption of their life is costly, no payment is ever enough, 9 that he should live on forever, that he should not see corruption. 10 For he sees that wise men die; likewise the fool and the senseless perish, and leave their wealth to others. 11 Their inward thought is that their houses will endure forever, and their dwelling places to all generations. They name their lands after themselves. 12 But man, despite his riches, doesn’t endure. He is like the animals that perish. 13 This is the destiny of those who are foolish, and of those who approve their sayings. 14 They are appointed as a flock for Sheol. Death shall be their shepherd. The upright shall have dominion over them in the morning. Their beauty shall decay in Sheol, far from their mansion. 15 But God will redeem my soul from the power of Sheol, for he will receive me. Selah.16 Don’t be afraid when a man is made rich, when the glory of his house is increased; 17 for when he dies he will carry nothing away. His glory won’t descend after him. 18 Though while he lived he blessed his soul— and men praise you when you do well for yourself— 19 he shall go to the generation of his fathers. They shall never see the light. 20 A man who has riches without understanding, is like the animals that perish.

– Psalms 49:1-20 (WEB)

Riches and wealth are blessings from God, but we should not make them our primary goal in life. Be content and seek after God and His righteousness for He leads us to an abundant life that is free from sorrow and burdens.

“Yahweh’s blessing brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it. It is a fool’s pleasure to do wickedness, but wisdom is a man of understanding’s pleasure.

– Proverbs 10:22-23 (WEB)

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

15 thoughts on “Don’t Run After Riches

  1. 💜 Those who Forget to Worship and Be Thankful to Goddess Suffer from THE WRATH OF “GOD” !!! who Suffers NoOne who DisRespects His Wife, Goddess



  2. Hays bien sarap na heart el message. Tan amaze gyd yo pkilaya tan work el Senyor na diatun vida. Everyday as I come to know Him more and more ta kambya gad the way yo tan pray, amazing gad tu Lord. Before, my prayer is always about blessing me, but i notice most of the tym, my prayer is for asking Him to use me to be blessing to others. I don’t know exactly when I started asking Him this things basta it just happened. And i don’t worry, actually it’s the other way around. And i love the feeling. Pureso wen i read the last line, wahhh bien sarap na heart.. i want that kind of abundant life God is offering more than wealth of this earth.❤️ I love you Jesus!

    Thank you mam Debs.😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Deborah.
    This blessed me.
    It’s something I often write about but you came from an elaborate and direct perspective.
    Do I have your permission to feature this post on my blog this Friday?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it would be a pleasure. I appreciate that. Thank you.

      I thank the Lord because it blessed you. Glory be to our mighty God.

      It took me longer to respond as I was too occupied in school this week. Have a blessed day/night.


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