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What Is Life?

Just recently, my colleagues and I had an interesting conversation about death. We were thinking about our friend with a terminal disease and we were contemplating on how difficult and painful it must be for her. However, we all realized that knowing when our death will come could be one of the life-changing moments in one’s life. When we know when death will come to take us away, we might be able to live life in a more meaningful, purposeful, and better way.

God has revealed to us His master plan for a great and abundant life through His Son Jesus Christ. If only we could focus on living under God’s will, to desire His pleasure alone, and to be content in Him, then maybe we could experience what His master plan is all about.

This poem is a reflection of toiling and striving for things in life and the mistake of forgetting what truly matters along the way. May we seek God and His glory alone. May our hearts long for His will. May we find greatest satisfaction in obeying the will of God for our life.

What is life?
That we toil and struggle
For things we worry and bother.
But not for things that matter.

What is life?
We aspire for higher dreams.
Greater plans and whims.
But forget life’s not just to win.

What is life?
In the peak of youth and strength.
To do things at great length.
But life’s isn’t meaningfully spent.

What is life?
With fame and power at hand.
To live your joys with all you can.
But in the end you have no friend.

What is life?
To gain all that you want.
Riches and ambitions you hunt.
But peace is none or stunt.

What is life?
To reach the highest goal,
Victory won, trophies on wall.
At deathbed they’re nothing at all.

What is life?
But a grace of God to live.
Like a mist, a breath, short-lived.
To live for God is life well lived!

A well-lived life is a life devoted and spent for God. While we have breath and while God blesses us with His gift of time, make it count by living for Him.

Man is like a breath. His days are like a shadow that passes away.

– Psalms 144:4 (WEB)

This poem is a reblog of my post dated June 6, 2021.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

6 thoughts on “What Is Life?

  1. 💜 “Life” is ReBirth EveryOne; the Teachings of Bro Jesu have been corrupted by men EveryBody



  2. Nah bien real! Bien eye opener! Very simple pero bien strike through gayod! Era manada te pwd le and man contemplate. Very nice mam Debs! Living life that is pleasing to God is the only thing that matter. Spent time with family, life is too short to waste. Thank you for this one mam debs! I love you!😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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