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Wait Until The End

Waiting is a hard task. It is harder still when what you are waiting for seems too long to arrive. You cannot see anything. Not a sign. Not a prompt. Not a hint. Nothing. When this happens, waiting becomes a struggle. When you wait for something, you naturally have an expectation. You hope for something to happen. That desire and expectation that one day you can attain or receive the thing you have been waiting for is the reason why you keep on waiting. Along with waiting is the hope and the expectation. Some people just wait for it patiently because they hope for it. 

It also becomes harder when you just cannot hold your waiting any longer. You want to do it. You feel like time is precious and it cannot wait. Surely, you can act and do something about it. You want it now. You can get it now. Why wait when I can get it now? This situation makes waiting more difficult.

In your walk with God, waiting is always a familiar experience. It is not always that God would immediately answer every prayer you have. There are occassions when you need to wait. There are times when God asks you to wait for the answer to your prayer. The road of waiting can be difficult but the Bible says it is good to wait on God.

Yahweh is good to those who wait for him,to the soul who seeks him. It is good that a man should hope and quietly wait for the salvation of Yahweh.”

Lamentations 3:25-26 (WEB)

Wait patiently until the end. There are two types of people when in the stage of waiting according to their attitude of waiting. One is patiently waiting and the other is impatiently waiting. This was the struggle of King Saul. He found it hard to wait patiently. King Saul and his men had a serious problem. Their lives were in danger because the Philistines were coming after them “like the sand on the seashore in multitude” (1 Samuel 13:5). They were trembling in fear (1 Samuel 13:7). King Saul, naturally as the chief of his army, should make a decision. The problem was that he needed Prophet Samuel to make a sacrifice to God before he could go to war so that Israel can be ready for battle. This is a spiritual preparation needed by the nation as God’s people. God has to be consulted. Prophet Samuel asked King Saul to wait for him at Gilgal and King Saul waited for Samuel for 7 days (1 Samuel 13:8) but Samuel did not come. So what did King Saul do?

“Saul said, ‘Bring the burnt offering to me here, and the peace offerings.’ He offered the burnt offering.” – 1 Samuel 13:9 (WEB)

In Bible times the offering of sacrifies was not under the job description of the king. The offer of sacrifices was made by the prophet of God and later on, in Levitical offerings, by the priests. King Saul, then, was in serious trouble. As King and as an Israelite himself, he knew the rules very well. On top of that, he was personally instructed by Prophet Samuel as to what he should do. But why did King Saul disobey the instruction of Prophet Samuel and, above all, disobey God? These are the reasons.

  • King Saul was afraid when he heard that the Philistines troops are assembling for battle against Israel (1 Samuel 13:11).
  • King Saul was worried when he saw the people scattered and afraid (1 Samuel 13:11).
  • King Saul was impatient and wanted to receive the favor of the Lord before going to battle (1 Samuel 13:12).

How many times have you acted like King Saul? You see the problem arise before your eyes. You grow fearful of what might happen. You see the difficulties and you get worried. You feel that you need to take action now or else something bad will happen. You feel like you need to act and decide now or else what you want will not happen.

Delving deeper into the story of King Saul, we realize that his fear, worry, and impatience were the results of his lack of trust in God. He acted rushly and he failed to trust God because he focused on what he saw around him. People were all afraid. People were scattered around and in hiding. Prophet Samuel was not coming to meet him. He forgot God’s commands and faithfulness because he was focusing on the events around him and not on God. This made King Saul’s waiting difficult. In consequence, he acted foolishly as Prophet Samuel described his disobedience (1 Samuel 13:13). His disobedience displeased God and God withdrew His favor.

When you focus on your problem and on your need more than on what God is instructing you to do, you cannot wait patiently on God. Instead, you will be consumed with fear and worry. Then, these will make you impatient. For you to trust God, keep your mind focused on His Word and His promises. Keep your mind focused on His faithfulness and goodness. Then you can wait until the end because you are not overwhelmed by fear and worry. You can patiently wait until God showed you what you have been praying for because you have His peace. Wait patiently on God and your way will be blessed. 

Next time, you need to wait on God, wait patiently and wait until He gives you the answer. Remember this.

“Rest in Yahweh, and wait patiently for him…”

– Psalms 37:7 (WEB)

This is a reblog of my post dated March 30, 2021.


Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

10 thoughts on “Wait Until The End

  1. Amen.. The waiting period is not easy. But for those who wait patiently, will receive a great rewards. Kaya wait for your turn to shine, don’t rash and panic. Kasi darating din ang tamang panahon na nkatakda para sayo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. With a person like me, waiting is very hard. I’m a type of person that wants to act immediately on things I set to do. But for the duration that I am journeying with God, I learned to be patient in waiting. I have seen right to my very eyes how God works if we are just patient enough to wait. All His promises are true, do not worry, He will take care of you. Even up to this time, I am still waiting for some answers to my prayers but I already surrendered everything to God, I believe that His plan and timing is perfect. I still have some times na i want to rush pero I can really sense God reminding me to wait. Waiting is really hard specially when you are already overwhelmed like King Saul, but God is in control. The only thing I keep in my mind evertym im waiting is, if ever that thing I long for will never come, it’s ok, because in the first place, I have already the thing that I ever wanted– Jesus. He already completed my life and I am more than contented and happy having Him. I love you Jesus.❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you mam Debs. Todo gad descriptions about waiting, bien korek gad se. Haha todo gad lines.. amazing. Blessings! I love you!😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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