God Rescues and Provides

God has a good plan even in our suffering. It is difficult to believe that God can bring something good out of the problems we face in life. Suffering is unpleasant, so no one likes to suffer. Our flesh naturally seeks comfort and pleasantness. The idea of having to suffer is repulsive to us.

Let us be reminded, however, that the greatest suffering brought to us the greatest blessing — the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. God’s plan of redemption of man from sin entailed a sacrificial suffering of His only Son, Jesus Christ. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness (Hebrews 9:22).

Believers are not exempted from sufferings. There are different reasons why we suffer, but God can use our suffering to bring greater blessing in our life. If we have to suffer, may we suffer for doing what is right in the eyes of God because even in suffering we are blessed!

“Now who will harm you if you become imitators of that which is good? But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you are blessed. ‘Don’t fear what they fear, neither be troubled.’ ”

– 1 Peter 3:13-14 (WEB)

“For it is better, if it is God’s will, that you suffer for doing what is right than for doing evil. Because Christ also suffered for sins once, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring you to God, being put to death in the flesh, but made alive in the Spirit…”

– 1 Peter 3:17-18 (WEB)

Don’t give up in suffering because God rescues and provides. Naomi and Ruth are one of the great examples in the Bible of how God cares for His people during lack and suffering.

Naomi’s husband and 2 sons died. Ruth was one of the daughters-in-law of Naomi. They were both widows. In Biblical times, the widowed Israelite women oftentimes suffer poverty especially when their economic support is largely dependent on their husband. They were poor and they had low social status. We could see how God defends and protects widows throughout the Bible because of their lowly plight. The story of Ruth and Naomi also reveals the faithfulness of God in rescuing the needy. When Naomi and Ruth returned to Bethlehem, Ruth had to glean barley grains from the field of Boaz so they could have food to eat (Ruth 2). Gleaning of grains is an ancient custom which God specifically commanded Israel to leave some parts of their harvest for the poor to gather after the reapers.

“When you reap the harvest of your land, you shall not wholly reap the corners of your field, neither shall you gather the gleanings of your harvest. You shall not glean your vineyard, neither shall you gather the fallen grapes of your vineyard. You shall leave them for the poor and for the foreigner. I am Yahweh your God.

– Leviticus 19:9-10 (WEB)

It was through Ruth’s gleanings that she and Boaz, a relative of Elimelech (the husband of Ruth), became acquainted. Because Boaz was a kinsman of Elimelech, he naturally became the kinsman-redeemer of Ruth, as was their practice. A kinsman redeemer was a male relative who had the responsibility to rescue, redeem, or avenge a relative in need. Thus, Ruth became Boaz’swife and she bore a son, named Obed (Ruth 3-4).

These events tell of how God is faithful to all who are in need and who are suffering. Like with Naomi and Ruth, God does not abandon us but He provides us with what we need and sustains us with His provisions. He rescues us from our troubles. Above all, His plan for every trouble we face is always greater than the suffering we experience. Because Naomi and Ruth were widows, they had to look for greener pasture in Naomi’s homeland which allowed Ruth and Boaz to meet and give birth to Obed, the grandfather of David, the predecessors of our great Redeemer, Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:1-17).

Suffering is painful but when God’s hand is behind it, He has a greater plan. Don’t give up in the momentary troubles of life. Go to God and abide in His will for you. He hears, He rescues, He provides, and He will lead you according to His good plan for your life.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

30 thoughts on “God Rescues and Provides

  1. Suffering are part of our bitter days here on earth. As christians we are to remain totally dependent to God in any occasions of our lives most specially in times of suffering. As I look back my experiences of suffering, I cannot recall any moment that I was abandoned with God. The greatest suffering I experienced is the death of my relatives due to clan war in my old homeplace which caused us to evacuate and transfer here in Talisayan, new place but very far from the place we used to live. During those times im crying rivers to the Lord and asking Him what’s His plans for me, at those times I kept on convincing myself and my family that the Lord allowed those things to happen because He has greater plans for all of us. Years later, I cried when my father testified God’s goodness and faithfulness. He said in our conversation, “Indeed God is amazing, if those things did not happen, he cannot imagine our life there in our old place.” We have seen how God rescued us from so many troubles if we were still living there. Indeed greater sufferings bring greater blessings. ❤️❤️❤️

    Thank you mam Debbie for today. Blessings and love.😘😘😘

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  2. 😭… “Don’t give up in suffering because God rescues and provides” Yes this is so true. The year 2021, for me was like a roller coaster and big adjustment for my life. I never thought how the Lord still saving me, and still comforting me in His own special way. First, transfering to a place to be with my parents, is a big part of my adjustment. Because I use to live a life being alone and living alone in the city. And coming to place that, I don’t have friends, a community that I can lean on aside from my family. A place that I’m struggling due to poor internet connection, that even sometimes I can’t attend to my online class. It’s hard for me to commute every day since our vehicle is still not ok.
    Secondly, when my family member and relatives started a business and end up that I was the one now suffering in paying all the loans and other bills. I feel the struggle, same with our business now struggling how to survive in this pandemic and a lot of competitors. I always said, I’m tired Lord, cause every day I need to go and forth in our shop. Rain or shine, good mood or bad mood I have to go. Even I want to give up, but I committed to help because we are facing a big problem if I will manage it well.
    Thirdly, when I decided to accept the task in teaching all the math subjects in junior high, it’s been so “horrible”for me because most of my time was consumed in preparation for modules making and lesson PowerPoint. Then, that time, I’m also a student.
    Lastly, when I applied for a scholarship for my schooling, a bitter sweet journey. All I thought passing all the needed requirements will be ok already, but I missed something due to some issue when it comes to my program that I need to justify in the form of letter from my previous employer. But sad to say, they don’t give me a justification letter. And that moment I missed the interview. And I I’m so hopeless at that time because I wasn’t able to provide the letter.
    But, even these things happening, God still preparing for something much greater. Suffering with a purpose. Suffering in which experiencing these circumstances to make a testimony one day on how the Lord delivers me from those pains to victory. Facing suffering, is a process, is a a refinement of yourselves to become a better one.
    Along, my suffering still God hears my prayers. He answered my prayer. I was accepted to the scholarship. Even though I wasn’t able to provide the justification letter. But God allowed me to justify my self during the interview. It was November 15, 2021 when I finally approved to become a full-time scholar. And because, it is full-time I need to unload all my teaching load from my previous employer. So it’s a joy for me actually to give up the math subjects that cause me a lot of worries. And headache. Now, I have a valid reason for my resignation to the said teaching load.
    Indeed God is faithful, and a loving God. He always make away for us to be save and for us to continue to serve Him. Even though, I’m still struggling managing our business, struggling in internet connection and struggling in our family set up still I’m grateful to Him. Still grateful that he finds ways for me to see his hands moving to help me. I know God still provides a way out for me while waiting to overcome this remaining struggles that I’m facing.
    Thank you Lord God still you are good and amazing.
    Thanks Ms. Deb. Medyo napahaba ang message KO po.. thanks for allowing me to share here.😂

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    1. Wow, what a great testimony. Thank you for sharing here Ma’am. It encourages me too. I feel the weight of your situation. Being a teacher too, I could relate every word you say. It is really not easy. But, His answer to your scholarship and his answer to your burden in the teaching load is God’s reminder for you to carry on because He is faithful to answer and provide according to His best timing.
      I, too, face a great financial burden. But, every time He answers other needs I have, my husband and I are always reminder that God knows, God cares, God answers, and He remains faithful.
      Keep on trusting God and entrusting your cares to Him because Jesus’ yolk is easy and His burden is light.
      Glory be to our God!


  3. I have been wondering why I keep getting “tested” God keeps reminding me of this. Confusing to me. But glad I’m not the only one going through hard things makes me wonder why though? So hard.


  4. It also makes me think of in the Bible how when Joseph was in Egypt and his dad Jacob didn’t know he was still alive that when bad things kept happening to his family and him by the king or ruler in Egypt he said to himself and his sons “everything is against me”. It actually was going all for him at that point. I need to train my mind to be thinking the exact opposite of how I feel. My pastor was speaking on this last week. Such a neat two lessons to me as I’m struggling in my situation.

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      1. You were not unkind. I am glad for your sharing. My response was elusive, I think. I meant, we are sometimes like Jacob, when we think like him and we say that “everything is against me” because we have limited understanding of how God works. Truly, as you have said, we need to train our mind to think the opposite of what we feel. ❤️

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