Cold Snap

The Son is our life. The sun sustains life on this planet. But it is the Son, who gives life to all. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6). If we seek to know the right, godly, peaceful, and blessed way, we could find in it Jesus. If we desire to know and follow the truth, then follow Jesus. If we want to have a meaningul life right here right now and eternal life when the flesh ceases to live, we can have it only through the Lord Jesus Christ.

I had recently watched the news of iguanas frozen in the cold in Florida which caused them to fall off trees in a coma. They could not move because of the cold snap. They are alive but immobile. Being cold-blooded reptiles, iguana survive by relying on the heat of the sun or of their environment so they could move and maintain their body function. Once temperature drops too low, the cold becomes a threat to them.

There are also cases of cold snaps in our spiritual life. They awaken us to the realization that we could not move and live without God. Cold snaps of life teach us that our life is entirely dependent on God. Sometimes we think we can or some people think they can live apart from God but there is nothing in this world that exist without the Sovereign hand of God on it. When life brings us to spells of cold snaps, we are rendered immobile mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and yes, at times, physically. We experience weakening, failure, and void. Some experience this as the phase in life when nothing makes sense and the persistent feeling of lacking in purpose and direction. Life becomes meaningless. It is one of inward despair no matter how succesful external appearances look. David expressed this kind of desolation in spirit.

For the enemy pursues my soul. He has struck my life down to the ground. He has made me live in dark places, as those who have been long dead. Therefore my spirit is overwhelmed within me. My heart within me is desolate.”

– Psalms 143:3-4 (WEB)

The deep satisfaction of the soul is found in God alone. A life deeply connected to the Maker is a life that is secure. Only God can fill any void we have in our life. Only God can preserve our life from any cold snap life brings.

The COVID-19, for instance, is a cold snap to all of us. It has immobilized almost everything around the world. It has affected lives in tremendous magnitude. It created a heavy stress to many both mentally and emotionally. It opened our eyes to the truth of who holds our life and who really is in control. It was never us. We are not the ones who make the call. It is God. Time was never in our control. It belongs to God and He alone has control over it. So, it is with our life. Thus, the moment we choose to live independent of God, we are bound for destruction. We are bound for spiritual and moral coma. And, when these happen all else will follow.

When David felt the desolation in his life, he did not give up on life. He sought for life by calling on the One who holds his life — God.

“Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. Your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness. Revive me, Yahweh, for your name’s sake. In your righteousness, bring my soul out of trouble.

– Psalms 143:10-11 (WEB)

God has a great plan for our life. Anyone who comes to Him through Jesus Christ, can receive and experience His goodness, grace, and mercy. He gives peace and security in life. He satisfies the deepest longing of our soul.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

8 thoughts on “Cold Snap

  1. Today I learned about cold snaps, honestly, it’s my first time to hear the word. And it saddens me to know that Iguanas are experiencing this in their lifetime.. In our christian life, I hate the times I have felt this cold snap. I don’t want to experience it anymore, life is as if like a human infected with covid- tasteless; senseless.. you feel very weak like you are very sick. Though looking at the bright side, cold snap brings major teachings in life; that we are nothing without God; that our life is no meaning without God. Having relationship with the Lord brings contentment, hope, security, and peace. I just can’t figure how to categorize all those feelings very actually I can describe the feeling of joy that the Lord gives. Basta all of the feelings I’ve mentioned and many other feelings like being so inspired, being so loving, being so forgiving, and many more are all felt simultaneously if we are deeply rooted to the Lord. Hays thank you Jesus for being our God! I love you smch.❤️

    Mam deb favorite gad dmyo el pancit canton spicy but before te variant ya sale, chene akel original. When i encounter the got and spicy version eating it has been so enjoyable and its very delicious compared to the original version. And everytime i see the original variant, i dont have the desire to eat it. Haha Like in my faith, I consider the hot and spicy variant as if the life I enjoy having God in my life, akel living a satisfied life, I don’t want to go back to the original version kay bien nuay sabor maskin na imagination. Haha nice dtyu blog everyday im learning so many things. I love you.😘😘😘

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    1. As I read olet what i posted, manada yo typo errors haha man autocorrect ylng tu as you read, chene li unu need gad yo man correct, haha ” I CAN’T DESCRIBE THE FEELING OF JOY”😅

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    2. Amen! Akel “so loving”, so wow! Praise the Lord. Growing in Him more and more.
      Iyo tamen maam Aubrey wste week lng io yan encounter ta tne gale se cold snap alya kanila. Kabar ta acaba kay mga iguana na trees. Makalastima.


    1. Hahaha. That is a good question. I am not used to cold weather. The coldest I have ever been too was Baguio City here in the Philippines. I bet, it is not even close to cold States in US. But, I could not stand the cold. 😅🤣

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