Right Time ( A Poem)

I asked God, “Why not now?”
For things I want to get,
I want to rush things somehow,
See them happen in my head.

I wondered why ever so slow?
Of things I always dream,
I hurry to move and go,
But I never reach the brim.

I want this and I want that,
Right now if I can choose,
But God answers with a “but”,
Because He knew I can loose.

For every plan and every goal,
Every event in life’s journey,
Every moment, time, and all,
God has ordained in harmony.

Nothing is done in a whim,
Nothing is out of God’s will,
Not in moods that spring,
Nor in any appeal or feel.

Every thing has its own timing,
Not too fast, not too slow,
Regardless how we are viewing,
He moves time like winds that blow.

When you can hardly understand,
Why things move in a different time,
Why God seems slow to lend a hand,
Don’t you worry, it is just fine.

God’s clock never breaks down,
He is always on time, you’ll see,
He is never late so don’t frown,
He is wise and He knows perfectly.

Your clock tells the hour you like,
But time it with God’s clock,
Then the hurdles you can fight,
No grave disappointment or shock.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
Are all the same in God’s timeline,
For every hardship and every sorrow,
He sets a time to win and shine.

Published by Deborah Agustin

A High School Teacher who loves to write.

11 thoughts on “Right Time ( A Poem)

  1. Oh Deborah, what a beautiful and discerning poem. 🙏🏼 You certainly understand life’s messages and lessons, and I’m sure that comes from experience. I agree with every verse, every sentiment, and every “aha” moment. 💖💐🥰 Thanks so much for sharing such wisdom!

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  2. Deborah, just lovely & timely. I was sitting in the cemetery tending my precious wife’s grave who went to be with The LORD a few weeks ago. I spoke at her funeral & said, ” God is never early, He’s never late, He’s right on time”. I think it was just confirmed in your poem as it popped up on my phone,,,,perfect timing ! Thankyou for your obedience.
    You subscribed to my blog “thelastcall”, which is currently under development but i’ll let you know when its up and we’ll keep in touch. Blessings from Northern Ireland. Andy G

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  3. What i wanted to hear to be encouraged.. lately im so eager to have something to the point that i become impatient and lonely. Thank you Jesus for this poem. Thank you always mam Deb for being God’s instrument to all of us..❤️❤️❤️

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